All About Love

Every love story is unique and beautiful and with Bello Pictures we want to create art that captures your own story. We are Chloe and Gabriel and we are a husband and wife team, working together for many years now. We both graduated from the Southeast Center of Photographic Studies, which is where we met and fell in love. We cherish being able to work together at something we are both passionate about.



Our approach

Our approach is simple, we want to create a film both technically and as aesthetically perfect. Gabriel is the man who will make sure you have that crisp clean audio, while Chloe will catch the shot of the bottom of your dress sweeping over a patch of wild flowers, Our different view points and skills complement each other wonderfully and make each film feel beautifully cohesive. With our craft we strive to capture all the raw love and emotion that is apart of your story. We love getting to know our clients and believe its an important part of the process, plus a good excuse for coffee. There is nothing more inspiring than love, which is why we specialize in weddings, families and couples. We find happiness in bringing joy to our clients lives through our work. We love making friends with our clients, and creating lasting memories! With our passion for cinematography and your love story your day will be unforgettable.